ICHEADInstallation & Tips

While we have worked hard to de-mystify the installation process, some rules apply to everyone. Don't handle high voltage if you don't know what your doing and prefer to remain in reasonably good health. Also, it is a good idea not to run high and low voltage (communication) wire together or through the same holes in the studs. Actually, it is not only a good idea but the National Electric Code (NEC) requires 2" of separation in low and high voltage wire runs.

Net-Wired devices have several installation considerations. Click the one you are interested in:


Communication Termination Cabinet (CTC)

CTC Wiring is the same in all Applications


Factory Housing

Up-Scale Modular to Basic HUD


Conventionaly Built House

New Home Construction or major renovation


Single Faceplate

Ideal for Retro-Fit or Room Upgrades

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