Net-Wired Systems NEC and HUD Code Compliance Information

     Net-Wired Systems Specialty Wires are produced by U/L approved manufacturers

     Faceplates (Tri-Plate and Duo-Plate) meet and exceed NEC requirements and are warranted by Net-Wired Systems to meet all Residential Construction Requirements. 

                                                                    DuoPlate                                                  TriPlate (installed)


     National Electrical Code (NEC) requires separation between low voltage and high voltage applications. This is accomplished by the side of the standard electrical box or the side of a self contained A/C device. NEC does not require low voltage applications to be in an enclosure (see figure below). Faceplates meet the NEC requirements for cover plates.            


     When the Tri-Plate is attached to the receptacle, the wall opening required for the low voltage wiring beside the electrical box is fully covered. This completed fitting meets the requirement set forth in NEC 370-21. " gaps or spaces greater than 1/8 in. (3.18 mm) at the edge of the box or fitting."

     NOTE: When properly installed the Tri-Plate must be in contact with the wall on all sides.


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